When I form a group requesting a minimum of 6 and a max of 8, but nobody else joins or maybe only two more people join, what happens? Am I responsible to pay the price of an excursion for 2 people? Or is it canceled? Is the trip guaranteed to happen once they create the group?

The groups are set to be cancelled automatically 15 days before the tour date in case they do not reach the maximum. In this case we will contact you to ask if you would like to close the group and book a private tour or find an alternative solution.

When is payment due and what is your cancellation policy? If we join a group and other people cancel, are we responsible for a higher price?

You will pay at the end of the service and are responsible only for your tour portion (i.e. if there are 6 people in the group and the price per person is 90 Euro, and your party is made of 2 people, you will be responsible for 90 Euro x 2).
The cancellation policy is set to 15 days to ensure that we do not leave a group empty at the l......Read More

We are concerned about hiring a private company with the fear of what will happen if we will be late in returning to the ship. I know that your tours will be better than the ship's, but if the ship's excursion is late, the ship will wait for them. Do you have some kind of guarantee to get us back to the ship on time?

We schedule the tours from 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM, the ships normally departs at 7.00 PM, in this way we have 2 hours spare before the ship departs. In case of traffic this will guarantee us to have plenty of time to get back to the port.
And to be more precise, we will be heading back at the same time of the buses of the cruise ship, if w......Read More

How much should we tip the driver? Is the tip included in the quote?

Gratuity is not included in the quote.
Gratuities are not mandatory in Italy , however we do feel that if the clients have been happy with their service, the driver should receive a tip as a token of appreciation.
Standard gratuities in Europe run between 10 – 25% depending on the service received.

Can we request a specific driver?

We will do our best to guarantee your driver for your requested service. However, there are many things that may change from the moment you book to the day of the service. We schedule the drivers for the service at the beginning of each week and try our best to assign to each client the driver requested. This happens most of the time, but n......Read More